Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Roadway Big Art

Our first transport themed activity of the week - a big art roadway picture.  I decided to draw out a representational picture of the journey we will be undertaking at the weekend for Munchie to act out with her toy car. 

What we used:

1 roll of plain paper (can also use wall paper liner from the DIY shop)
Toy cars

This would probably work better if felt tip pens or markers were used. As we had this laid out on top of carpet, the surface was not hard enough to make clear marks and draw properly on the paper with crayons. If I were in my own house I probably would have risked it and used some paint and other things too. 

We basically just laid out a long strip of paper from the roll and got drawing with the crayons.  I drew a roadway which went through a tunnel under the sea while Munchie scribbled her own special contributions on the paper. We discussed going under the sea to get to our new house and Munchie took her little toy car and drove it round the paper. 

Munchie loved it all and got carried away, taking her little car on a journey round the living room too.  She then went about exploring the paper when driving became too tiring.  The paper got a little torn and scrunched but that all seemed to be part of the fun for her.  She then wrapped herself up in it and hid. I hope that's not some indication of how she feels about moving again...  I will try not to read to much in to it. 

This is a great way of bringing another dimension to drawing as an activity and bring your picture to life, using it for imaginative play as well as creative play.  What do your little ones like to make and then play with?